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Six years for stabbing

Feb 28, 2012 | Discuss

Six years for stabbing

A 23-year-old man, Nathaniel Sims,  has been sentenced to six years’ imprisonment for the stabbing death of a Yuendumu man in Alice Springs in 2010, reports ABC radio news. Kwementyaye Watson died after a fight involving several men at Warlpiri Camp, during which he was stabbed in the leg. His death sparked calls for tribal punishment and riots in Yuendumu, which led to many residents evacuating the town. According to the report, Sims, who was charged with manslaughter, will be eligible ...Read more

“Payback with violence must end”: magistrate

Dec 03, 2010 | Discuss

"Payback with violence must end": magistrate

An Alice Springs magistrate has declared “the days of payback with violence must end”, while sentencing ten people to jail for their parts in two riots at Yuendumu, reports Sarah Aitken in today’s Centralian Advocate. Aitkens reported that magistrate David Bamber called on Warlpiri elders at the community to change their law and work out ways to deal with violence rather than encouraging it. Those Mr Bamber sentenced to jail included the mother, father, two brothers and uncle o...Read more

Crime, punishment and chaos

Nov 26, 2010 | Discuss

Crime, punishment and chaos

Reclining in his hospital bed in the surgical ward at the Alice Springs Hospital, Jimmy Watson presented a convincing case for the virtues of Aboriginal traditional punishment. His persuasiveness was less a factor of what he said than the deep conviction and sincerity with which he spoke — a commitment that was reflected in the circumstances in which had found himself. When I visited him with Centralian Advocate journalist Sarah Aitken, Jimmy was recovering from an operation on his right a...Read more

‘Calm restored’ at Yuendumu, say police

Nov 23, 2010 | Discuss

'Calm restored' at Yuendumu, say police

A Yuendumu man is in Alice Springs hospital with a compound fracture after riots again broke out in Yuendumu yesterday. ABC News today reported that police are saying calm has been restored in the community of Yuendumu after more than 75 people took to the streets with metal pickets and nulla nullas. The violence took place despite police efforts to disarm the community in recent weeks. There have been reports that the injured man was attacked by up to 10 after he attempted to open negotiations ...Read more

Traditional law: more discussion

Nov 22, 2010 | Discuss

Traditional law: more discussion

It looks like we may finally be seeing a meaningful discussion on traditional Aboriginal law and what place it might have in the Northern Territory of 2010. Unfortunately it seems to be happening too late to prevent further violence in the feuding Central Australian community of Yuendumu. Last year Alice Springs film-maker Danielle Loy launched a documentary called Bush Law , based on the opinions of senior men from the Northern Territory community of Lajamanu who have been calling for mainstrea...Read more

Guard for Yuendumu refugees

Nov 14, 2010 | Discuss

Guard for Yuendumu refugees

Residents of Yuendumu who have returned from Adelaide after fleeing fueding and violence in the central Australian community of Yuendumu will stay in a fenced compound patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day, according to ABC Radio. The families went to Adelaide after riots broke out following the death of a young man in an Alice Springs Town camp....Read more

Spearing “would bring happiness”

Nov 09, 2010 | Discuss

Spearing "would bring happiness"

ABC News reports a Yuendumu man says “everybody will be happy” if at least one person returning from self-imposed exile in Adelaide is prepared to be speared through their upper thigh. In a report for ABC Online Michael Coggan described the funeral of Kumanjayi Watson, who died after being stabbed in a fight that involved members of two feuding families. A man has been charged with the murder of Watson, but, according to Coggan’s report, Watson’s family believes that trib...Read more

Where to from here for Yuendumu?

Sep 23, 2010 | 4 Comments

By Bernard Leckning We’ve been following the coverage of disturbances at Yuendumu (over here and here). The latest news is that some 100 people from Yuendumu who had fled to Alice Springs have now been moved to Adelaide. This ABC report highlights how, apart from creating strain on welfare services in Adelaide and political tension between the South Australia and Northern Territory governments, there is also the lingering question of how the dispute will be resolved or whether it will be. ...Read more

“I’m going to kill you”

Jul 13, 2010 | Discuss

"I’m going to kill you"

Alice Online presents, with the author’s permission, some extracts from the recently published Dog Ear Cafe, by Andrew Stojanovkisi, which tells the story of the Mount Theo program at Yuendumu, in which Andrew played a vital role. The program – with strong community engagement – successfully tackled a widespread outbreak of petrol sniffing out at Yuendumu, and eventually attracted national attention at a time when the news about petrol sniffing and its devastating effects was ...Read more

Dog Ear Café: How the Mt Theo Program beat the curse of petrol sniffing.

Jul 12, 2010 | 3 Comments

Dog Ear Café: How the Mt Theo Program beat the curse of petrol sniffing.

This week Alice Online will publish short excerpts from Dog Ear Cafe by Andrew Stojanovksi, which is to have its Central Australian launch at Witchetty’s  in the Araluen Art Centre on 5th August at 3pm. You can get the book there and then,  or at Dymocks bookstore. All Andrew’s author royalties go to the Mt Theo Program at Yuenndumu.  Andrew described the book as  “the story of a collective of people, the whole community of Yuendumu.” “So the stories are colle...Read more