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The goanna that was too greedy for its own good

Feb 17, 2014 | Discuss

By Chris Watson (Above: a Sand Monitor in healthier times – Chris Watson) Land for Wildlife coordinator Matt, made a gruesome discovery on one of his lunchtime constitutionals recently. There, by the back fence, was a dead Gould’s Sand Monitor Varanus gouldii, with a reptilian tail protruding from its lifeless jaws. Initially we thought it might have been a snake that had proved too long for the monitor to eat, or eject, and so it might have choked or starved to death. On closer ins...Read more

Beware the Eastern brown

Oct 02, 2010 | Discuss

Beware the Eastern brown

Alice Springs and its surrounds are known to be home to a great diversity of reptiles. You usually don’t need to spend long in the centre before you have a close encounter of the scaly kind. However, according to this ABC report, the recent rains may have improved your chances of running into our reptilian neighbours in town, especially the deadly Eastern Brown Snake (pictured left). According to an earlier report from 2008, this seems partly because the rain increases the number of insect...Read more