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Singing the water

Oct 27, 2010 | Discuss

Singing the water

Imagine a public water supply so precious and sensitive that a single mishap or inappropriate usage could signal the end of a whole tribe. Alice Springs Historian Dick Kimber has spent decades travelling in the western desert with senior Pintubi and Warlpiri men, and last weekend took an Alice Springs audience on a tour of some of the most important waterholes in their country. He also shared some of what he had learned about the way they have managed water supplies for thousands of years in one...Read more

A visit to Simpson’s Gap

Feb 05, 2010 | 1 Comment

A visit to Simpson's Gap

It’s not always true that the best places are the hardest to get to. After some recent research into the history of Simpson’s Gap, I was keen to visit again. Simpson’s Gap is less than half an hour’s drive from Alice Springs. One of the important permanent waterholes for the Arrernte people, it became just as valuable to white settlers in the nineteenth and twentieth century, who ran cattle in the area. After World War Two it was run by Bob and Vicki Darken, until eventu...Read more