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‘Calm restored’ at Yuendumu, say police

Nov 23, 2010 | Discuss

'Calm restored' at Yuendumu, say police

A Yuendumu man is in Alice Springs hospital with a compound fracture after riots again broke out in Yuendumu yesterday. ABC News today reported that police are saying calm has been restored in the community of Yuendumu after more than 75 people took to the streets with metal pickets and nulla nullas. The violence took place despite police efforts to disarm the community in recent weeks. There have been reports that the injured man was attacked by up to 10 after he attempted to open negotiations ...Read more

Guard for Yuendumu refugees

Nov 14, 2010 | Discuss

Guard for Yuendumu refugees

Residents of Yuendumu who have returned from Adelaide after fleeing fueding and violence in the central Australian community of Yuendumu will stay in a fenced compound patrolled by security guards 24 hours a day, according to ABC Radio. The families went to Adelaide after riots broke out following the death of a young man in an Alice Springs Town camp....Read more

Where to from here for Yuendumu?

Sep 23, 2010 | 4 Comments

By Bernard Leckning We’ve been following the coverage of disturbances at Yuendumu (over here and here). The latest news is that some 100 people from Yuendumu who had fled to Alice Springs have now been moved to Adelaide. This ABC report highlights how, apart from creating strain on welfare services in Adelaide and political tension between the South Australia and Northern Territory governments, there is also the lingering question of how the dispute will be resolved or whether it will be. ...Read more