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Town camp housing: “We don’t want disasters”

Feb 17, 2012 | Discuss

Town camp housing: "We don't want disasters"

Territory Opposition Housing spokesman Adam Giles says he’s “not surprised” to hear that 65 of the new houses built in Alice Springs two camps during the past two years need repairs, although Territory Alliance says the faults are “cosmetic” and not structural.  It may be too soon for alarm bells, but it’s a reminder of the historically proven need for vigilence when it comes to building on Aboriginal communities.  Last week Alice Online ran the first part o...Read more

House-fixing and myth-busting with Paul Pholeros

Feb 09, 2012 | Discuss

House-fixing and myth-busting with Paul Pholeros

I and many others were enlightened and inspired by two talks at this week’s Connecting the Dots conference in Alice Springs: one  by Nobel Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus and the other by Healthabitat’s Paul Pholeros. For two days delegates at the conference, organised by Infrastructure Australia, explored the vexed issues of how to improve the poor state of houses, amenities, roads, communications and just about everything else on Aboriginal communities, especially in remote areas. A...Read more