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Beautiful ferals

Dec 18, 2010 | Discuss

Beautiful ferals

The two films on budgerigars in Alice Springs featured at Alice Online this year have proved a hit on our You Tube channel, with audiences from North America and Europe in particular excited to see how a bird that has populated the northern hemisphere in cages lives and behaves in its native habitat. But what happens when a parrot from another continent gets loose among the natives down under? I heard an unfamiliar call in the street recently, followed by  an equally unfamiliar flash of colour,...Read more

All things must pass

Oct 03, 2010 | Discuss

If you have been living in a bubble or you keep putting it off because you are too busy, or you live interstate and have a free week but  think you might go the beach like you do every year, be warned. Your time is running out to see the greatest show on Central Australian earth for many years. With long-range forecasters predicting more rain, continuing at least as long as April, there’s a chance we might have two springs of such vivid colour and astonishing growth in a row, but it’...Read more