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A voice for change

Dec 09, 2009 | 3 Comments

A voice for change

“We need an act, we need laws that recognize that the problem now is blackfellas killing blackfellas and killing themselves. If a law like the Racial Discrimination Act gets in the way of doing that then it must be changed. We are different, we are special, we have special needs. We are caught in a trap. They want us to be citizens with the same rights but then they want us to keep our culture with no changes. How can we do both?” BESS PRICE speaks out....Read more

Bush law: the forum

Nov 28, 2009 | 4 Comments

Danielle Loy’s film Bush Law presents the passionately held views of a group of senior men from the community of Lajamanu who are calling for the recognition of Aboriginal customary law. It was screened for the first time at the Araluen Arts Centre in Alice Springs in November this year and has already provoked some intense discussion in Alice Springs media. Alice Online filmed the forum....Read more