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Where’s Mr Stuart?

Mar 08, 2010 | Discuss

Where's Mr Stuart?

Stuart Traynor’s weekly catch-up with John McDouall Stuart as he made his way to Central Australia 150  years ago East of the Davenport Range, south-east of Oodnadatta The three explorers spend this week on the eastern side of the Davenport Range. It was here that Stuart had surveyed a pastoral run before Christmas for Philip Levi, the Adelaide merchant and friend of Stuart’s backers Chambers and Finke. Until the Overland Telegraph Line is built in 1870-1872, the Mount Margaret run will...Read more

Bankers, banker-bankers and beyond

Jan 03, 2010 | 4 Comments

Bankers, banker-bankers and beyond

Another dry year- Alice’s driest on record on fact -may make the possibiity of flooding seem remote, but dry conditions can actually contribute to quicker and more powerful flows of the river when the rain finally does come. That, say experts, is because there is no vegetation to hold run off from the rocky cliffs of the Todd’s catchment area north of Alice Springs. So just how serious can flooding get? in the first of a series, Alice Springs istorian Dick Kimber looks at the histori...Read more

The Todd Runs A Banker

Jun 01, 2009 | Discuss

By ordinary standards, the Todd may usually be `empty’. But every time it flows it soaks up more memories, more history. Every bend of the river, every tree, every bridge and causeway has a story to go with it. Historian Dick Kimber was a young man when he came to Alice Springs to teach in 1970, and as do most new arrivals, was keenly looking forward to see the legendary river come down. It took its time, but when it finally arrived made up for its long absence with a riveting performance R...Read more