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Pooling our knowledge

Sep 13, 2012 | Discuss

Pooling our knowledge

It’s a bit like the pub with no beer: a municipal swimming pool in the sunniest town in Australia that is closed in the warmest part of the day. Of course it’s a bit more complicated than that, and Alice Springs swimmers still have the option of swimming in an indoor pool in their flash new $20 million aquatic centre (pictured left). But somehow it’s not just the same – especially when the indoor pool gets above 29 – 30 deg celsius, as it has been the past few days. When swimmers d...Read more

The power of art

Nov 07, 2009 | Discuss

The power of art to change perceptions radiates from a new exhibition which opened at the Olive Pink Pink Botanic Garden on Friday night. Fire Flies has opened many new doors for the eight or so artists from Central Australian Supported Accomodation who created it, under the direction of CASA’s Simone Guascoine . But for those who come to look, it creates a rare and refreshing connection with people usually excluded from our fast-talking, fast-living lifestyles. The contributors to Fire Flies ...Read more