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‘A camel is having sex with my car.’

Aug 27, 2010 | Discuss

'A camel is having sex with my car.'

Liz Martin’s My Territory, My Life, My Story, launched today by Alice Springs Mayor Damien Ryan at the Road Transport Hall Fame, is brimming with entertaining and sometimes amazing anecdotes, one of which  Alice Online is pleased to publish today with Liz’s permission. Liz’s memoirs, uncommonly rich in remembered detail, are ” a journey  … that will take you deep into the buffalo and trucking industries, the eye of  Cyclone Tracy, some illegal barramundi fishing,...Read more

From camel trains to cameltarians

May 02, 2010 | Discuss

From camel trains to cameltarians

Widespread publicity about the $19 million plan to cull camels in the outback has been good publicity for the camel industry. The camel has been enthusiastically adopted as a meat source by Central Australians who don’t feel comfortable eating meat from livestock bred specially for eating. At this weekend’s Wide Open Space musical festival east of Alice Springs, the Arid Lands Environment Centre was reporting doing a good trade in camel burgers, popular with growing numbers of  meat...Read more