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The birds and the bee and the butterflies

Oct 04, 2013 | 11 Comments

The birds and the bee and the butterflies

I know it’s hot – hotter than usual – and a lot of people scoff at the idea of labelling a Centralian October or even September with such an imported concept, but personally I am noticing a very Spring-like explosion of life and colour around the place this year. Perhaps there was just enough rain in those midwinter showers to give the F and F a kick along. The grass is still green, and the roos (which are in great numbers) are still looking healthy, particularly out bush, where the sh...Read more

All things must pass

Oct 03, 2010 | Discuss

If you have been living in a bubble or you keep putting it off because you are too busy, or you live interstate and have a free week but  think you might go the beach like you do every year, be warned. Your time is running out to see the greatest show on Central Australian earth for many years. With long-range forecasters predicting more rain, continuing at least as long as April, there’s a chance we might have two springs of such vivid colour and astonishing growth in a row, but it’...Read more

Head for the hills

Aug 25, 2010 | Discuss

More rain this week – but, no, the weather we’ve been having lately is not strange. There is no particular season for rain in the Centre. This I discovered when I first came here in the seventies. It was the beginning of March, and from Brisbane I asked my new boss, Bob Watt, if the wet season was over. My ignorance was rewarded with a very short silence and then the response: “We don’t really have one.” What he meant was it rains whenever it feels like it. And to h...Read more