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And now for brunch

Sep 22, 2010 | 1 Comment

And now for brunch

After this year’s Bushfood competition at the Desert Festival,  I’ve commenced a self-managed apprenticeship to the masterful cooks who plied delighted festival-goers with such a plethora of tastes, textures and new ways of thinking about food this year. I began on Sunday night with a slightly bodgied version of Hujjat Nadarajah’s victorious Bushtucka Bademjoon Persian roo and eggplant stew, foregoing the Quangdong Addas Poloh persian lentil quangdong rice Hujjat served it up ...Read more

Ruth Morley's Ruby Saltbush Sorbet

Sep 20, 2009 | Discuss

Ruth Morley snatched triumph from disaster when her ruby saltbush sorbet plans went awry only days before she was due to enter the dish in the 2009 Bush Foods Recipe competition. She went back to the pantry, decided less was more, and was surprised to discover that her revised recipe actually worked . At the Foodies Finale of the competition, a feature of the annual Alice Desert Festival, the first-time entrant was even more surprised to discover she had won not only best sweet but also best ove...Read more

Rhodanthe's Ruby Juice

Sep 15, 2009 | Discuss

ou’re never too young to appreciate bush foods – and maybe youth is an advantage when it comes to valuing the treasures that grow all around us. Rhodanthe Collins’ ruby juice was a source of considerable excitement for the under-10s at this year’s Bush Foods Recipe Competition (2009). Ruby is pictured here with Bush Foods co-ordinator Rebecca Goodenham...Read more