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Education changes should ring alarm bells for parents and students

Jun 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

Education changes should ring alarm bells for parents and students

Jonathon Pilbrow Recently announced changes to funding for the education system should be ringing alarm bells for parents and students alike. While the NT Government’s commitment to further investment in the early years is highly significant and crucial to improving educational outcomes for many children in the NT, such investment should not be at the expense of older students. Proposed changes to the student-teacher ratios across middle and senior schools will lead to significant timetabling ...Read more

Poverty’s daily struggles

Oct 15, 2012 | Discuss

Poverty's daily struggles

By Jonathan Pilbrow, Senior Policy Officer for the Northern Territory Council of Social Service The Northern Territory provides a great lifestyle and a high standard of living very many people, but not everyone gets to share in this. For some people, just getting some food on the table and a roof over their head for the night is a daily struggle. This week marks ‘Anti-Poverty Week’, which presents an opportunity to take the time to think about the causes of poverty and to think of those who ...Read more

Curfews just don’t work

Sep 02, 2011 | Discuss

Curfews just don't work

By Jonathan Pilbrow, Coordinator, Central Australia for NT Council of Social Services A youth curfew is not the right approach to addressing issues for young people in Alice Springs and could actually make things worse by pushing young people further out to the edge of the CBD or into the suburbs. A youth curfew could also unnecessarily increase the interactions between police and young people, where no crime has been committed, which would have the added impact of tying up police resources and ...Read more