The power of the rain: Alice Springs, January 2015


Ducks came out of nowhere to enjoy the temporary lakes created on claypans near Alice Springs, January 2015


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Frenzy of fruitfulness

Jan 29, 2015 | Read | Discuss

Frenzy of fruitfulness

Foragers have good reason to take a walk  on these unusually cool mornings Alice is getting at the moment — and walkers have good reason to slow down and forage. Central Australian plants have taken on the rain’s imperative to be fruitful and multiply, and there are some great opportunities...

The Todd in flow, 8/1/15

Jan 09, 2015 | Read | Discuss

The Todd in flow, 8/1/15


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Mama never told me there'd be clouds like this

Mama never told me there’d be clouds like this

Dec 07, 2014 | Discuss

Could Alice Springs form its own branch of the Cloud Appreciation Society? Actually, given the number of sensational cloud photos from Alice Springs on Facebook on Sunday night, I think we already have one. After checking out my cloud book, I think this extraordinary display was rendered particul...

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Holiday plan shows scant regard for Alice

Holiday plan shows scant regard for Alice

Jul 31, 2014 | Discuss

Alex Nelson Should Territory Day become a public holiday? The NT Government is all for it, notwithstanding its own online poll currently underway seeking public feedback on its proposal. The Alice Springs Town Council has voted unanimously against the idea, and there’s little or no enthusiasm for ...

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Reminder calls from another world

Reminder calls from another world

Mar 07, 2014 | Discuss

Jason Shilton Then there is one other type of call I get. Again it’s from the desert. “HELLO” I say bright and fresh and into the day then “hello” I say softer this time, when i realise it is the caller who never speaks. I listen and wait, humbly reverent to a tenuous link over awesome dis...

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Make dinner while the sun shines

Make dinner while the sun shines

Feb 03, 2014 | Discuss

Tiring of cooking summer meals in our sweaty little kitchen – especially when the humidity defies our evaporative air cooler – our household took two steps towards the Great Outdoors last week. The first required an investment in a flash new gas barbecue, taking advantage of a sale at a local h...

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